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Utility Pallet:
A strong lightweight returnable pallet, which, because of its durability, can be used thousands of times making it much more cost effective than wood. Pallets can be colour coded to ensure your pallets remain clearly visible.

Utility Bin:
A lightweight stackable bin which is a cost effective alternative to Heavy Duty Dunnages. If you need to transport and move your product from place to place, either in-house or by truck, consult us about the cost effectiveness of using one of our range of custom utility bins or bins built specifically to suit your product.

Heavy Duty Dunnages:
Long life rubust Dunnages in various sizes from small, medium & large. Fully Stackable and build for long life. Able to handle a wide range of product.

Collapsible Dunnages:
These strong, stackable Dunnages are capable of being stacked when full or empty. When collapsed they are extremely space efficient.

Fork Truck Safety Cradles:
Fully compliant with all moving machinery regulations and ensures operator safety. This is vital when used with a fork truck.

Load Box Protectors:
Available for most South African bakkies.

Medium Duty Utility
Bins & Pallets
Collapsible Dunnages Forklift Safty Cradles Heavy Duty Dunnages Load Box & Tailgate
Roller Beds & Conveyors

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